The Dancing Dog pack is as friendly as they come! From owner, Amy Lessmann, to her personal four legged friends; they all love making new friends!


Amy is the owner of Dancing Dog Bed and Biscuit, LLC. She has a deep understanding of behavior and an unconditional love for animals. She opened as Walk-N-Sit Pet Care in 2003 while she was also an educator with the Masters Degree in Behavior Disorders. In 2016, Amy decided to purchase 6 acres outside of Austin and leave her 20 year career as a special education teacher. Walk-N-Sit Pet Care was renamed to Dancing Dog Bed and Biscuit, LLC, and Amy began boarding dogs full time and doing what makes her heart happy.

HALLIE (1999-2014)

Hallie was Amy's second dog and the four-legged leader of our pack. She was a wonderful Border Collie. In her younger years, she was named the “Doggie Bachelorette of Austin” by KEYE news back when "The Bachelorette" was in it's first season! Our celebrity was the quiet anchor of our pack and had a great sense of the emotional needs of other animals. She also was the enforcer of rules and will come to get Amy if someone is doing something they aren’t suppose to be doing. Whenever we had a foster dogs who had a rough life, Hallie would choose to shadow the new dog and bring him or her calmness by just sticking close. Check out our Scrapbook and you will see her doing her thing!

BELLA (2000-2013)

Bella was most likely a German Shepherd and Greyhound mix although she would most likely have told you she came from royal descent. Bella was very smart, intuitive and independent. She even helped some police officers locate a man who robbed a Tiger Mart back in the day! She also liked her routines and helped establish a lot of the routines we still have in place today.

DECKER (2006-2019)

Decker was most likely a Lab/Catahoula mix. Amy found her running southbound on the upper deck of I-35, hence “Decker”. After weeks of searching for her family, Decker became a part of our family. She LOVED to run and helped Amy train for the Austin Marathon. Decker also loved to play tennis ball, getting belly rubs and running in the pasture.


Beauregard is a Great Dane/Boxer mix and joined the pack when he was about 8 months old in 2011. He is a big clown, a very good boy and everybody's friend. He has made huge strides in controlling his licker but still sneaks a slobbery kiss whenever he has a chance! His favorite activity of all time is running in the sprinklers with snacks coming in close at second place.

ROMEO (1999-2011)

Romeo was the first dog in our pack. He set a strong foundation and was an excellent role model for every dog he met. He earned his Canine Good Citizenship before he was a year old and went to school with Amy every Friday to help in her special education class. He is greatly missed yet is remembered every day because if it wasn’t for Romeo’s love, none of us would be who we are today. We love you, Spot!!



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